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Aims Telecom
Networking & Cabling

We are a professional network and system integrator unit based on UAE, We offers wide range of IT And Security related products and solutions.

Networking & Cabling
Aims Telecom

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is a set of standards based method of engineering and installing an integrated data, voice and video cabling system for your business. The methods we used to complete and maintain cabling installations are depends on these standards. We have in-house technicians to facilitate UTP/Optic Fiber including Splicing, Fluke Test And OTDR Testing.

AIMS offers integrated data/voice/video cabling for Local Area Networks and for Data Centers. We always maintain quality of the product and quality of our service, as we know the network infrastructure is the backbone of your business.

We Deliver
  • Systems Analysis And Design
  • Scalable Networks For Future Integration
  • Fiber Optic Installation, Splicing And Testing
  • UTP Cable Installation, Termination And Testing
  • Setting Up Large Networks And Data Centers

The Solution And The Benefits
  • Providing connectivity between end users, servers and switches
  • Utilisation of copper and fibre cabling
  • End to end project management
  • Design and consultancy
  • Use of our fully accredited and trained engineering teams
  • Testing and commissioning of new cabling installations with existing systems
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Provision of components and materials
  • Racks and containment

The benefits organisations can achieve from using Computacenter’s cabling installation expertise include:

  • Improved reliability, and flexibility
  • Greater interoperability and system flexibility by integrating with existing and new cabling systems
  • Reduction of staff downtime and key staff being tied up in cabling installation projects
  • Lower risk of failure rates
  • Improved data and voice speeds
  • Project plans which show the total cost of installation and maintenance
  • Greater speed of network and improved network security

What services do we offer?

AIMS offers a range of services to support its Cabling Installation solutions including:


We have developed a range of readiness assessments and ROI models that help our customers make informed decisions about how to get the most out of IT assets and the cabling installation projects they undertake.


Computacenter will help you consolidate existing technologies, integrate multivendor offerings and plan a roadmap that maximises the most value from your Cabling and IT assets including:

  • Cabling health-checks/audits
  • BICSI RCDD design consultancy
  • Equipment room and datacenter design
  • Implementation
  • During this crucial stage of a project we can provide:
  • Off-site cable staging and pre-termination
  • Installation
  • Project management
  • Communications room tidy/re-patching


Before your organisations cabling installation project goes live we can test it with your existing systems.

Support & Manage

Finally when your cabling has been installed we can help with the ongoing management and maintenance of your cabling systems through:

  • Post-installation support - including ongoing moves adds and changes (MACs)
  • Fault management
  • Management of suppliers

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Aims Telecom
Aims Telecom


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Aims Telecom


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